Holidays in Olu-Deniz

Olu-DenizOlu-Deniz is a  photographer's heaven , crystal clear white sand beach ,  dozens of paragliders  continuously coming over the pine forests covered mountains present at the backdrop of the quiet beach  ,  lively secluded nature's beauty untouched  by commercialization. Paragliders can watch the whole lagoon area ,island ,sea and mountains from the sky . For paragliders festivals are also  organized in October called the Air game festival.

Olu-DenizThe beach of Olu-Deniz is one of the best beaches of Turkey . Olu-Deniz beach offers a range of water sports , ideal for swimming and snorkeling. The Olu-Deniz lagoon has been designated as a National Park and it takes a small charge to be visited. There are many boat trips offered at Olu-Deniz to islands ,villages and popular destinations.

Other than boat trips you can go  for walking, cycling, horse riding,  jeep safaris to the  nomadic kind of markets , restaurants or villages .Olu-Deniz is a family resort centre where couples can also have great time. Lagoon area also offers scuba-diving and hang -gliding . Restaurants and bars overseeing the beach area offers great panoramic view of the lagoon and the sunsets.Turkey Holidays

Olu-DenizPopular boat trips are available to Dalyan where the sulphur mud bath is very popular and said to be  of  healing nature ,Dalyan is close to the Turtle beach having rare species of turtle , other places are the caves of  Butterfly valley ,12 islands ,Cleopatra Island , the ghost village ,Kaya Koyu that was abandoned by Greeks and has some quiet beautiful beaches worth to be visited.

Olu-DenizShopping  of Olu-Deniz is also entertaining .You must barter for everything . Popular brands are generally not available but cheaper quality item after proper bargaining you can buy depending on your need.

Turkish food is also very delicious .All kinds of meat and fish foods are available. People are culturally aware ,friendly and inviting. Some of the best hosts and accepting people.

You won't get here are the noisy bars and partying nightlife as it is still not touched by such culture.