Blue Lagoon


The beautiful clear water Blue Lagoon is present at Olu-Deniz .There is no strong current or tide at the blue lagoon. Blue lagoon is a protected area and is declared as a National park , a small entrance fees (2 $) is taken to get into it.Olu-Deniz

Popular for scuba diving and snorkeling , the inland bay of Olu-Deniz is called the Sea of the dead ,but the lively underwater creatures are lively to be watched at the lagoon. The  water of blue lagoon is warm and surrounded by pine forests. On getting headfirst into the warm waters ,you can get a close look of the underwater biological creatures of different colors and shapes ,the fishes  inside the water are not worried about onlookers and the visibility is perfect .

You need not be an expert swimmer for watching the underwater life. Children who are leaning swimming can also go there.


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Blue Lagoon

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