Lucian Way


The Lucian Way is basically a footpath from Fethiye that begins near Olu-Deniz and ends at Antalya.

The total length covered by Lucia way is 500 km and on the way you can view a wide range of landscapes and old ruins .There are lodging and dinning facilities also available on the way.

On the Lucian way you can see the villages of Turquoise Coast ,castles, harbors ,forts ,restaurants, lodges and monuments. Going on the Lucian way can be extremely adventures as it  goes close to the coast ,over the mountains and into the forests.



Places to see in Olu Deniz at Olu-Deniz



Blue Lagoon

Butterfly Valley



Lucian Way

Shopping and Nightlife at Olu-Deniz

Villages of Olu Deniz